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Customer Segmentation in STR:
Data Collection

In our previous blog post, we explored how customer segmentation can revolutionize the world of Short-Term Rentals (STRs), enabling property owners to tailor their marketing efforts, personalize guest experiences, and optimize pricing strategies. Today, we dive deeper into the crucial first step of this process: Data Collection. Discover how STR professionals harness the power of data to understand guest preferences and behaviors, leading to enhanced revenue and guest satisfaction.

Understanding Data Collection in Customer Segmentation

Data collection forms the foundation of effective customer segmentation in the STR industry. By gathering relevant information about your guests, you can identify patterns, preferences, and trends that enable you to create meaningful segments. Let’s take a closer look at how data collection works in the context of STRs:

1. The Importance of Guest Data

In the competitive realm of STR, data is gold. It provides insights into guest demographics, booking behaviors, preferences, and motivations. Armed with this information, STR professionals can create tailored experiences that resonate with different guest segments.

2. Gathering Data

The process begins with identifying sources of guest data. These can include your booking platform, surveys, reviews, social media interactions, and past guest records. By tapping into these sources, you can access valuable information that sheds light on guest behavior.

3. Data Points to Collect

When collecting data, consider a variety of data points:

  • Demographics: Collect demographic information such as age, gender, location, and nationality. This helps you understand the diversity of your guest base.
  • Booking Patterns: Analyze booking data to identify trends in booking frequency, lead time, and length of stay. This information helps you categorize guests based on their travel habits.
  • Preferences: Utilize guest reviews and feedback to determine favored amenities and services.
  • Reasons for Travel: Understand whether guests are traveling for business, leisure, or other purposes.
  • Communication Channels: Find out how guests discover your property and their preferred communication methods.

Technologies Revolutionizing Data Collection

To streamline the data collection process, STR professionals leverage a range of technologies. These tools not only facilitate the collection of guest data but also provide insights that drive business decisions. Here are some technologies commonly used in data collection:

1. Property Management Systems (PMS)

PMS platforms are central to managing guest data. They help track reservations, guest profiles, booking history, and communication. PMS systems often integrate with booking platforms and enable property owners to access and manage guest data in one place.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM software allows STR professionals to maintain detailed guest profiles, including preferences, past interactions, and feedback. This information is valuable for creating personalized experiences.

3. Channel Managers

Channel managers integrate with multiple booking platforms, ensuring that guest information from various sources is consolidated into a single system. This simplifies data collection and prevents overbookings.

4. Booking Platforms

Another valuable source of guest data are booking platforms. Platforms like Airbnb,, and VRBO collect guest data during the booking process. Property owners can access this information and analyze booking patterns to identify trends.

5. Survey and Feedback Tools

Finally, you can collect guest data through surveys and feedback forms. Tools like SurveyMonkey and Typeform enable property owners to create custom surveys and feedback forms. This helps understand guest satisfaction, preferences, and areas for improvement.

It’s important to note that while technology is crucial for data collection, it must be used responsibly and in compliance with data protection regulations. STR professionals should prioritize guest privacy and ensure that collected data is stored securely and used for legitimate purposes only.

Enhance Your STR Business with Quibble’s Expertise

With the complexity of data collection and the demands of managing an STR business, it’s essential to focus on what truly matters: expanding your business and delivering exceptional guest experiences. At Quibble, we understand that collecting and analyzing guest data can be time-consuming and overwhelming for STR owners and property managers.


Quibble empowers STR owners to streamline data collection, understand guest preferences, and optimize revenue strategies. By partnering with Quibble, you can take your STR business to the next level and unlock the full potential of customer segmentation without the hassle.

💎 Conclusion: Elevating Your STR Through Data-Driven Insights

In the dynamic world of STRs, data collection is the compass that guides your journey towards success. By understanding guest behavior, preferences, and motivations, you can create powerful customer segments that drive revenue and guest satisfaction. At Quibble, we recognize the time-consuming and overwhelming nature of collecting and analyzing guest data for STR owners and property managers. That’s why we step in – allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business while we manage the data intricacies. 

Ready to unlock the power of data collection and elevate your STR business? Partner with us and embark on a journey of strategic growth and exceptional guest experiences.

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