Forecast Your 2021 Revenue

A New Year, A Fresh Start!

Quibble is delighted that you have taken the time to get started with your 2021 Forecast. The process here is designed to be a simple starting point. To build a forecast at the property level we use a similar process yet more complex, which requires the human touch. There is also a more advanced process that is used to update the forecast as new numbers come in. That is what we do at Quibble! Reach out to us for more information, if you need any help, or want to learn more about Forecasting.

COVID-19 Impact – The impact of COVID-19 has varied by region, property type, and regional policy. The impact on your properties will be accounted for in the 2020 numbers and should be captured by this analysis. But forecasting is a scientific process that requires human guidance, so feel free to guide the output to better reflect your expectation.

We are using some basic trends that have occurred over the past several years. For Quibble to create an estimate, you will need to input a minimum of 2019 and 2020 data for your personalized 2021 Revenue Forecast.

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