How to use the Stay Adjustment?

Navigating through this tool will empower you to fine-tune your property’s pricing and optimize stay durations. Follow the steps outlined below to make the most of these powerful functionalities.

Accessing Stay Adjustment:

1. Head to the left-side menu bar.

2. Click on the “Revenue and Pricing” dropdown.

3. Select “Price Adjustment.”

4. Navigate to the right-side menu bar, then choose “Stay.”

How to use the Stay Adjustment?

The Stay Adjustment feature proves beneficial across portfolio, market, and property levels. Learn how to set up your Booking Window and configure Orphan Gaps for a seamless and effective pricing strategy.

Setting up the Booking Window:

          a. Close In: Specify a minimum stay requirement for bookings made within a defined number of days before arrival. Ideal for last-minute bookings with stay dates ranging from now to the selected period, such as 30 days.

          b. Standard: Bookings made between the Close In and Far Out dates.

          c. Far Out: Set a minimum stay requirement for bookings made a specified number of days or more in advance. Perfect for reservations made more than the window period, like 120 days before the desired stay date.

Setting up the Orphan Gaps:

Automatically enforce a minimum stay requirement for consecutive available nights between existing bookings. This prevents nights from becoming unavailable when the prevailing minimum stay is greater than the gap. Ensure a consistent booking flow by setting a minimum stay that keeps these nights available when desired.

          a. First, specify the size of the gap.  For example, if there is a 3-night minimum stay requirement you may want to fix a 2-night gap with an orphan rule that automatically drops that gap to 2 nights.  In that case, the High and Low can both be 2, because you are only fixing for 2-night gaps.

          b. Next, set the overriding minimum stay value. In the example above, you want to override a 3-night gap with a 2-night min stay.

Should you require further assistance or have additional questions, our support team is ready to provide the help you need.