How Optimization Models Work

How Optimization Models Work Our previous article was a detailed exploration of how Base Price Models work.  That is a good place to start if you want to understand the industry standard pricing model for the short-term rental industry.  I went [...]

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How Base Price Models Work

How Base Price Models Work Base price models are currently the industry standard in dynamic pricing for short-term rentals.  The primary reason this model is so popular is that it is simple and scalable.  It is simple regarding the math involved [...]

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Key Factors to Consider Before Pricing Your STR

Key Factors to Consider Before Pricing Your STR Property Are you struggling to determine the perfect pricing strategy for your short-term rental property? You're not alone! As a short-term rental owner or property manager, setting competitive and profitable rates can be [...]

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Customer Segmentation in STR

Customer Segmentation in STR In the dynamic world of short-term rentals (STR), where competition is fierce and guest expectations run high, property managers and owners are constantly seeking strategies to stand out and drive revenue. Enter customer segmentation – a powerful [...]

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Last-Minute Bookings

Pricing Strategies for Last-Minute Bookings Last-minute bookings are becoming increasingly significant in the vacation rental industry. As travelers become more spontaneous and expect instant access to information, short-term rental (STR) owners and property managers must adapt their pricing strategies to attract these [...]

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Setting Weekend Rates

Are you a vacation rental owner looking to optimize your revenue and attract more guests? One effective strategy is to set competitive weekend rates through dynamic pricing. Weekends are prime time for vacation rentals, as many travelers seek quick getaways or leisurely escapes [...]

By Jessica Ente|2024-05-13T20:50:52+00:00July 24th, 2023|Strategy|0 Comments
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